AAEE Introduces Regional Coordinators and State Reps

Since 1934, AAEE, the American Association for Employment in Education, has provided members with direct access to research, publications and networking opportunities with colleagues - all focused upon the highest standards in educator preparation, recruitment, hiring and retention. AAEE is an organization that brings together the varied representatives of state and local school systems  with Career Centers and Education Departments from Colleges and Universities throughout the country. The ability for these entities to collaboratively work in preparing, recruiting and retaining valuable teacher candidates has been at the core of the organization and that core belief remains as the priority among its constituent memberships. 

As we created the foundation for celebrating our 83rd Annual National Conference, plans were discussed, drawn out and are in the process of being implemented for growing the organization. A major contributor to this growth will be the creating of  our new Regional Coordinators and State Representatives Initiative. Many of our current members have expressed an interest in providing leadership in this initiative by identifying new potential supporters of the organization in this new role as Regional Coordinators and/or State Representatives. 

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The Regional Coordinators (RC) will provide membership development within state/region, Contribute to Blog & Social Media outlets, serve as marketing outlets for events, conferences, and Job Search Handbook distributions within the region, Participate in quarterly RC meetings, and bi-annual meetings with the board and participate in “Welcome Reception for New Members” at the Annual Conference. This is proposed as a two year position which will provide Regional Coordinators with many benefits such as, becoming more familiar with the AAEE leadership systems, establish an even stronger connection between regional and national associations and obtain recognition and official title with a national association. Those persons who will serve in this role will also be recognized with a statement of appreciation being shared with the appropriate employer from AAEE

The State Representatives, (SR) will Support the RC in providing membership development within state/region, provide support for AAEE board members on various initiatives, participate in “Welcome Reception for New Members” at the Annual Conference and serve in the (SR) position for one year, with the option to renew or move into a Regional Coordinator position, become more familiar with AAEE leadership systems and receive a stronger connection between related regional and national associations.

There are several regional & states already represented and some are needing to be filled. We really need your help on this initiative, so if you are interested in participating please be sure to contact info@aaee.org

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