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Teacher hiring fairs have grown more competitive as the teacher shortage worsens. K-12
districts in states across the USA are leaving thousands of teaching positions vacant because there just aren’t enough teachers available. Creating a solid strategy for quick & efficient hiring at teacher hiring fairs is one element to filling those gaps.

In this post Proximity Learning details the findings and ramifications of the AAEE 2020-2021 Educator Supply & Demand Report. They conclude by discussing potential solutions, focused on leveraging technology in the classroom.

For several years now we’ve been hearing a lot about the teaching shortage spreading across the United States. In some respects the problem is just what it sounds like: By and large, U.S. schools are having a hard time staying staffed with qualified teachers. Underlying this issue, however, is a directly related problem that isn't discussed as often. The U.S. also has a shortage in teacher ...

Last but not least, I will be talking to you about our retention strategies. In terms of figuring out what we could do to help support and retain underrepresented students, we started by having some informal 1:1 interviews with students, met with focus groups, and surveyed classes to see how we can better support them. We wanted to learn what more we might do to help them feel supported so that ...

How else have we worked on recruitment? We have a recruitment and retention plan for underrepresented students for our CAEP accreditation that outlines our various initiatives. I have included below the ones specific to recruitment.

The first idea generated for recruitment from the literature review was to develop a dual enrollment program.

As you know, there is a shortage of teachers across the United States. How can we help? At Towson University, we decided to start by conducting a literature review about national models or promising practices that were themes across the country.

The abrupt shift to distance learning directly challenged the knowledge, mindsets, and skills of our teacher workforce this Spring. Formerly ‘nice-to-have’ skills in digital integration became ‘must-haves,’ traditional classroom management and instructional design methods no longer applied, and everyone was required to embrace a high level of comfort with ambiguity as guidelines and expectations ...