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The 100-page handbook includes notices from employers and grad schools about opportunities for candidates. Plus, 70+ articles with tips on the job search, including:
  • Effective resumes and cover letters
  • Proactive networking
  • Social media tips
  • International teaching resources and strategies
  • Acing cyber interviews
  • Using portfolios for a competitive edge
  • Tips for success at teacher job fairs
  • Increasing marketability
  • Jobs outside of traditional classroom teaching
  • Considering charter schools
  • Preparing for the interview
  • Preparing an A+ demonstration lesson
  • Top 10 interview questions
  • How school districts are using social media

And many more topics for an educator’s comprehensive job search!

Thank you to our 2020 Job Search Handbook Editorial Committee for all their hard work!

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2020 Job Search Handbook for Educators
Editorial Committee

The AAEE Job Search Handbook for Educators is the product of many hours of hard work from our Editorial Committee. Over a period of several months, they collaborate to review and select articles, edit, and prepare a cohesive publication, specifically targeted to the education profession. Prepared annually, it’s relevancy and substantial focus make AAEE’s publication the premier job search handbook on university campuses across the country. Learn more about each of our dedicated volunteers below. Not pictured: Amy Hatmaker - University of Houston-Victoria, Sharon Hunter - North Carolina A&T University, and Karen Riddick - Halifax County Schools. 

If you would like to get involved as a committee member for the 2021 edition of the Job Search Handbook, please contact our executive director at execdir@aaee.org.

Sherri Morris

Sherri Morris
Chapel Hill-Carboro City Schools, NC
I became involved with AAEE eight years ago when I attended my first conference and job fair in Indianapolis, and have not looked back. In fact, since that time, I have attended each annual conference, and have served as a conference co-chair and conference programming chair. More importantly, I have built friendships and a professional network with amazing educators across the country. These connections are instrumental in my work to recruit teachers to staff the schools in my district. AAEE has given me a resource for quality teacher applicants that spans the nation. I can pick up the phone or email a university colleague to request applicants for openings I am trying to fill. I have also found the expertise shared in the Job Search Handbook (JSH) to be a valuable resource for the student teachers with whom I work. Its articles and practical tips offer new job seekers sound professional guidance directly from experts in the education hiring arena. The JSH is the perfect vehicle for school district employers and college career center staff who want to share their knowledge and impact the careers of young educators. I hope that you enjoy the 2020 edition! 

Sheri Leder

Shari Leder
Weber State University, UT
I have a passion for educating children and find it an honor to support the professionals in education. I am a career counselor and Assistant Director at Weber State University, Career Services and support the Moyes College of Education students. My career has been in education for the past decade. When I came to WSU, my mentor, Richard Lambert EdD, had been a dedicated member of AAEE and instrumental in the organization of UAEE. When he retired, I was able to continue these incredible connections at both the state and national level. This has been a critical connection to give my students current and valuable information as they transition to their careers and graduate programs. I am thankful for the resources found in the Job Search Handbook and am thrilled to be a part of this team again.

Jody Drager

Jody Drager
Colorado State University - Center for Educator Preparation, CO
I am the Career Development Coordinator and School District Liaison in the Center for Educator Preparation (CEP) at Colorado State University (CSU). Additionally, I am an instructor in the Early Childhood Education program. I serve as the AAEE state representative for Colorado. I was introduced to AAEE a few years ago by a Human Resources Director in one of our partner school districts. He shared the Job Search Handbook (JSH) with me and I was immediately in love with the resource! I shared it with my colleagues at CSU who were equally impressed. It made perfect sense for CEP to become a member of AAEE in an effort to support our teacher and principal candidates in their job searches. I am passionate about teaching and have become equally as passionate about helping to prepare exceptional teachers and leaders who will empower and influence kids in our schools. In my role as Career Development Coordinator I am constantly dreaming up ways we can connect our teacher and principal candidates to schools in which they fit. It has become a mutually beneficial process for all involved in the recruiting process. Our partner districts are singing the praises of our candidates, who are not only well prepared to teach and lead, but also fully equipped to articulate who they are as educators during the hiring process. The connections are powerful! I was able to the attend my first AAEE annual conference in 2018 and loved the connections and relationships I was able to cultivate in that setting! Those connections resulted in the opportunity to be a member of the 2020 JSH committee. It has been an incredibly rewarding experience to work with this talented team of professionals and I am extremely proud of this resource! 

Dana Morrison

Dana Morrison
East Baton Rouge Parish School System, LA

I became involved with AAEE two years ago when I began my new position with our school district as the Recruitment Manager. One of my main goals is to connect with student teachers in our local universities and help build talent pipelines to find amazing teachers for our students. Last year was my first conference with AAEE and I was impressed with the organization and the wonderful sessions offered for the attendees. Being able to network with so many wonderful people that care about education and the importance of finding and recruiting the best teachers has been an invaluable asset to me and my district. As a teacher in the classroom for 28 years and a mentor teacher for student teachers for 26 years, my favorite tool that I have uncovered with AAEE is the Job Search Handbook (JSH). I could never begin to tell you how valuable this book has been to me personally, but also to the many student teachers we have shared this book with. If you are not involved with AAEE already, I encourage you to make this a priority for the upcoming school year and make every effort to join us this year at our Annual Conference.

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